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This program will support students building thoughtfulness as a means toward accessing the most possible power with their music making. Often students come into school and music classes for the first time operating under existing contexts for expressing themselves. In order to access their optimal impact as creators, it is necessary to create space for them to fully actualize these pre-existing contexts in the form of creating (rapping, writing, singing, playing instruments, production) with full freedom and safety to express without censorship. It is only then that they can meaningfully reflect on themselves as creators.  

Most will agree that music is a powerful force in our lives. In what directions does this powerful force move us? What directions do we want it to move us? What draws us to the music that we value?  In analyzing our musical values, we empower ourselves to manipulate these variables to create our own impact. What kind of world do you want to live in? There is incredible power in being a creator. In order to access our maximum power as creators, we must unpack the contents of our creative fuel. Why do we need to say what we are saying? Who needs to hear what we have to say? How can we blend artistic development and technical skill development to maximize our power as a community of creators?

Mentors and Partner studios:

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