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The first week of MAD has been a long one, to say the least. There’s like 10 new kids and I’m not very great at names, in fact, I’m so bad at names that I keep calling the British engineer guy “Eli” just because it’s a fun name to say in a British accent (Eli is definitely not his name). I will say the new kids are very talented like insanely talented, it amazes me how God could create a room full of talented people! Yet he just decided to skip me...its cool beans though cause I do enjoy writing about talented people.

The diversity in the new mad group is wild too, everyone’s so freaking different that it makes us the same! Wait...that made no sense.

We also got some new ideas for the mural which is awesome! Cause it seemed like we were burnt out the meeting before, or at least I was.

So overall it was an amazing first week, 15/10! Wait wait that doesn't make any sense either...

Pics from the SYPartners meeting

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