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On Monday the cool kids (art kids) met up with Magda and made art and sketches. They focused on elevation and looked at the mural space from different perspectives and angles outside (no they did not put on real 3D glasses and look at the mural...that would be cool though).

On Wednesday super Maria gave us 15 minutes to write (story, lyrics) or draw something that represented the sentence “appearances can be deceiving” ( ya know like a hobo smelling good haha...that was messed up never mind). This exercise resulted in me writing an abnormal story about me falling in love with a woman solely based off of her back structure and later changing my mind because I find out she’s faceless (wtf right). If you wanna know more about that story your in luck (or not in luck, it all depends) cause my guyzer, art friend Henry is gonna illustrate this short story!

Friday we went to SYP (like always) and had some great food (like always) but more importantly, we came up with some goals and deadlines for the progress of the mural and mapped it out on a schedule. We’re also now halfway done with the design for the mural! (Which is definitely not due to me…) so yea seems like I was wrong about my prophecy, we’re not running into a black hole instead we are shooting for the stars!...Ok that was corny I’m sorry.

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