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The day before thanksgiving, the day before the feast and even better the first day in the studio!

Came in about 30 minutes after it started and everyone was already going full throttle. You could really feel the positive energy as soon as you walked in that studio.

I could tell it was gonna be a productive day..I felt it in my toes..just kidding that’s disgusting.

Owen, Yassen and justice working on a song and let me tell you that ish goes wild. Yassen gets in the booth and starts recording, he’s been waiting for this moment.

One problem though something is going wrong with the audio. Of course Alex comes to the rescue and fixes the problem..shout-out to Alex I guess.

Shane’s in the other room finding samples for his next hit.

“They In here making that stuff!” That’s how someone in the room explained it, I could obviously tell it was that good stuff...ya know the type of stuff that people would fight over on Black Friday.

Shane gives Owen the sample and he starts making a magical beat while Shane cooks up some lyrics.

Shane starts recording with an assist from Owen.

Isabel is upstairs trying to find a beat for the city as thanksgiving video. She’s pretty frustrated cause she can’t find any good sounds on YouTube. I told her do not use YouTube to find music, that’s like trying to find a quality polo at a super Walmart. Luckily enough max gives her a beat for the video. She finished the video, but apparently she isn’t satisfied with it yet it has to be 20/10. It would definitely make sense if she disliked me, I’m a 3/10 type of guy.

Isabel links up with Shane and starts coming up with some lyrics, she might hop on the track, damn this girl can do it all.

Justin and max are upstairs making music, max is trying to finish his song. He’s got some A1 production, he just finished an album by the way, “the art of walking up elevators”, so go pick that ish up ( you should actually download it cause it’s not possible for you to really pick it up)

Justin and max start collaborating on a beat. These 2 know how to play different instruments,  I can’t relate since I got kicked out of the middle school band..ya that’s right apparently I was that bad at the triangle.

Taree’s making some art, she created some amazing stuff on the fly and is now touching it up on the computer. I’m very jealous of how talented she is, cause ya know I’m a guy that can only make elegant stick figures.

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