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Over the last forty years, City-As-School has become an internationally-recognized leader for its innovative internship-based education model. Early on, CAS identified the importance of the media and creative arts as a career pathway for its students in addition to arts education being crucial for cognitive and social-emotional development. Now, these industries and pedagogical practices have become even more omnipresent and influential in young people’s lives, and the digital technologies to produce and engage with media have become far more accessible. Moreover, this creative skill set promoted by CAS through its partnership with creative industry partners- often described now as 21st Century Literacy – has become central to the definition of a high-quality education, career readiness and active citizenship.


City-As-School has a history of commitment to arts education both through our in-house classes and experiential learning opportunities. We continuously seek to increase our offerings in music, performing arts and digital media. CAS and NYU will create audio production spaces where students can practice and record music of all genres including soundtracking, scoring and audio/voiceover  of digital media projects. With the latest tools in music technology, CAS seeks to unleash the creative potential of students by offering courses music technology, composition and performance. Music education is proven to improve cognitive function, academic outcomes, student engagement and social-emotional development.

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