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MAD Academy Partnership with Turi Kumwe Inc and GMC Records Rwanda

MAD Academy co-founder, Maria Krajewski, also co-founded Turi Kumwe Inc and GMC Records Rwanda. City-As-School students collaborate on music projects with Rwandan artists and travel from NYC for international artist exchanges.  


Turi Kumwe Inc is a global community of young people with a common goal of building a stronger, healthier, more loving world for themselves and future generations.  We work with youth in New York City and Kigali, Rwanda to reduce vulnerability to common youth risks such as hunger, homelessness, unemployment, and violence.


GMC Right Production and GMC Records is a multi-purpose studio space in Kigali, Rwanda that acts as part school, part business, and part cultural center where Turi Kumwe members can come to develop creative skills and collaborate with professional and aspiring artists. Our record label, GMC Records, is a platform for our young artists to bring their message to the world. The label and the studio space are completely youth run and employ producers and managers who also serve as music educators. The studio also generates revenue to support many of the activities that go on there, such as guitar/piano/production lessons, English tutoring, TOEFL assistance, and a children’s storytime.

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