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Co-founder , Alex Falk, is uniquely skilled and qualified to support mindfulness and wellness activities including sound healing. MAD Academy is comprehensive in intentionally and actively supporting all the academic, social-emotional, creative and wellness needs of the students.


Alex is a substance abuse counselor who is also a musician, producer, rapper and sound healer. Together, they guide students in self-care and wellness as a crucial component to themselves and their creative craft.  

” Recognized as a ”non-traditional academic haven for struggling students,” CAS is distinguished by its curricular focus on experiential learning and holistic support. We serve 600 students who have transferred from over 200 educational institutions from all over New York City and New York State. Often, these students are overage and under-credited, and include over 10 percent homeless, living in temporary shelters or in foster care; safety transfer students; young mothers and fathers utilizing on-campus childcare services; and, teens leaving residential psychiatric facilities and correctional facilities. We have many immigrant families who struggle with language and the cultural, economic, and academic needs of their children. Our students come from many of the poorest neighborhoods in the city like the Bronx and parts of Brooklyn.

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