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Time to start December off with a bang, nothing too crazy though I don’t want the new studio to blow up already.

Soon as I walked in Charlie was recording her new song and Rob was helping her mix it, shout out to uncle Rob (no relation).

This is Charlie’s first recorded song of this cycle, she said: ”I wouldn't have recorded this song if I wasn't in this room.” I guess that's what Mad Academy does to you.

Josue was on the computer converting beats for him and Franceska, they both hope to record today. They're having trouble converting the beats, but it's ok cause super Maria is here to save the day..well kinda she can't fix the problem either.

After all the trouble, Fransheska gets in the booth and starts recording, Josue also records.

Fransheska’s song is about her relationship with a boy that she was trying her best to truly understand.

Josue’s song is about his beginnings and the problems of the world, it gives off that old school vibe.

Taree’s doing research on Cityas for the mural.

(some artist are working with SYP to make a mural about Cityas history, it's a cool kids only kind of thing)

I went with the art kids to go meet with Saeed.

He runs inclusion (they teach coding to students) they've worked with Forbes and Microsoft!

He's here to teach us about project management.

Which is cool cause I have zero project management skills that's why I'm an infamous F+ student….

Project management is something that we'll definitely need for the Cityas mural or we will be screwed.

So shout out to Saeed for unscrewing us!

Owen, Shane, and Yassin also worked on their music today.

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